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The Alternative Tackle Company offers a unique range of carefully selected, innovative, high quality, fly fishing tackle.
Many of these products are of little commercial interest to mainstream retailers and so are very hard to find.
This website aims to be a source for those searching for these rare and special items and also to provide a market place and resource for the dedicated and talented individuals who produce them. It’s a tough job, but I think its very important that somebody does it...
Alternative Tackle is a one man enterprise and was born in 2007. It has seen many changes and challenges since its conception, but the passion and commitment to the mission has remained constant. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about the company, or about me.You can find out more about Alternative Tackle's carefully selected range of bamboo, fibreglass and graphite fly rods, titanium and aluminium fly reels and selection of useful (often) and beautiful (mostly) other stuff, in the SITE MENU.
If you know of or have a product, that you think should be added to the site, if have any questions, or just want to chat, Please CONTACT ME.
To keep up to date with all that's happening on the website please, sign up to the newsletter. The newsletter will be published one week before the website gets updated so subscribers get advance notification of new products and product availability...

Thank you for your interest,
Mark Leggett.

Update 5th October 2014

I've added George Minuclete's Tightloop Handcrafted Glass & Graphite Fly Rods
page to the website HERE and received my first rod from George; an Epic 8ft 4wt 3 piece in olive. This rod was sold the day I added the Buy Now button to the page! The rod was superb and I wish I had kept it for me.... I'm waiting for George to let me know when he can send me another rod to offer for sale and for details of a demo. rod that he is planning to send for me.His page will be updated as soon as I hear from him.
Also new to the website are Graeme Robertson's handmade hardwood landing nets.
Graeme has sent me two nets which are **available to buy** on his new page HERE. Each of Graeme's nets is unique and the craftsmanship and quality are of the very highest standard.
The New Video of my two CF Burkheimer demo. rods has now been published on the CFB page HERE if you'd like to have a look. If you want to have a play with one (or both) of these rods Please CONTACT ME.
There are also three new videos added to the Luke Bannister Splitcane Fly Rods page HERE. One video is Luke's own latest fishing video and the other two are of the Superfast 6ft. 3wt and Superfast 8ft. 5wt. which are both available to Buy Now. The next rod from Luke to be added will be a traditional Leonard taper, which should be available in a couple of months.... details to follow.
Christian Horgren's Fine Tackle, James green 10ft 7wt 4 piece switch rod is up on his webpage HERE and is available to Buy Now. Christian describes it as "...a powerful and smooth rod for grilse, pike, big brownies or whatever large you can find out there. Capable of throwing the whole line with very little effort." The price is USD $595 (@ GBP £377 / EURO €477)
New on the LH Design Fly Reels Page is one 2/3 wt. B series fly reel. Leen's describes this reel as: "...an un-engraved B series 2/3 Wt with one spool. The following options are available either singly or in combination: customised engraving, presentation box, lamb’s fleece pouch. Just let me know an I’ll quote a price." This reel is available now & you can see details HERE. If you are interested in this reel, Please CONTACT ME.
There is also an LH Design Bamboo Fly Rod available on the LH Design Rods page. Leen describes this rod as " an asymmetric 6’3”5 Wt rod with one tip in rod bag and it comes in a leather tube. This is a fast action rod and it will cast a 5 Wt impressively in the hands of a skilled caster. Very effective rod indeed. The rod bag has four compartments for : The butt part, the tip, one compartment for a spare tip (which can be ordered additionally) and a bamboo strip to protect the tip (s )
The rod is based on the Lee Wulff Classic but I modified it a bit to make it faster. Highly recommended. Price on demand." Please CONTACT ME for more information.
The first of the new Moran Rod Company rods from Calum Gladstone, should become available early in the new year and I should be able to start publishing full details soon. Calum has got his workshop pretty well set up now and is using Tom Moran's old tools and equipment to produce the Moran rods. I believe he is pretty well on the way with a couple of 3 piece 7ft. 9 in.flamed rods, which will probably be the first rods available. I will confirm details in a special www.alternativetackle news bulletin to follow in the next few days.
Christian Horgren at Fine Tackle has also been busy setting up a new workshop and when that is finished (very soon) he will be sending me a new Demo rod and another rod for me to offer for sale on his web page.
A demo rod from Tightloop fly rods will be on its way too, as well as George's next offering for sale, probably in a couple of months (just in time for Christmas!).
Luke Bannister's traditional taper Leonard rod should also be here in time for Christmas and will then be followed shortly afterwards, by a Superfast 7ft 4wt.
I hope to be able to publish details of a new LH Design reel project in the near future too.
I plan to add more new pages to the website, over the autumn/winter period; mainly for new rod builders, as well as new product ranges to add to the "stuff" section in the site menu.
Details of all the above will be published in Newsletters and Bulletins as soon as they are confirmed.
Lots more to come....
To receive advance notice of updates and product availability, please sign up to the Newsletter below.
Mark Leggett (5th October 2014).
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