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Ijuin - Rod

Fly Fishing Rod Master

Kazutomo Ijuin (“Tomo”) is the Japanese Rod Master whose glassfibre Ijuin “Yomogi” fly rods have been gaining a well deserved reputation for excellence amongst the custom rod maker and glass rod fraternities.

Tomo designs his own glassfibre blanks and has them made for him in Japan. The unique and beautiful metal work on his reel seats and tubes are produced by his friend Masatoshi Okui of Kineya Tackle and the reel seats are yakusugi (1-2000 year old Japanese cedar) as standard or Camphor wood on the special edition models. 

Handles are an original design and could be described as a modified ritz, inspired by traditional Japanese candle shapes. Mildrun stripper guides and silk wraps come as standard with Agate strippers and hand dyed (by Tomo) silk wraps on the special edition rods.

Ijuin Fly Casting
Here is what Christian Hörgren has to say about the Ijuin “Hard Para” 7ft. 5ins. 4wt 3-piece fibreglass fly rod:

“I’m a huge admirer of Japanese rod designer Kazutomo Ijuin. He is one of those guys with a perfect pitch for tapers.

Tomo calls it “hard parabolic”, and that’s what it is! 7’05”, 4wt in relatively thick-walled E-glass, this parabolic blank has a stiff mid and tip, which makes it a highly capable caster, throwing bullet loops with great accuracy.

Tomo mainly designs rods for small stream fishing in confined spaces on with a bit of power in reserve. Very careful thought goes into every aspect of each Ijuin  rod’s design, function and finish and his attention to detail is extraordinary… the result is a unique and beautiful fly rod.

Tomo makes bamboo rods as well as his range of glass fibre rods and is always designing new rods to add to his catalogue. 

Yomogi: medium-slow crisp parabolic action, with a bit of power in reserve.

Kazutomo Ijuin

Rods - Available Now has access to Tomo’s blanks and finished rods built on ijuin blanks by various makers. Tomo’s own Ijuin rod builds are a little harder to get hold of but we are working on it and  you can expect to see more about available rods soon 

If you’d like find out more simply get in touch.. built on Ijuin blanks