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Handcrafted Fly Rods

George’s search for perfection…

George Dan Minculete is the man behind Tightloop fly rods. Based in Romania, George grew up as a trout bum, fishing in the remote and beautiful streams of his native Transylvania, one of Europe’s last remaining wild places.

George’s search for the perfect trout rod started when he began building fly rods in 1999, at the age of 18, and has continued professionally since 2003.


George (George Minculete Tightoop Handcrafted Glass and Graphite Rods)

Each Tightloop rod is an unique project, designed for a specific task George has in mind.

The process starts with the careful selection of the very best blank for the purpose and the choice of fittings to best compliment that blank. George then adds some “soul” to the process by bringing these elements together with painstaking care and exquisite attention to detail. The end result is a perfectly crafted, fully functional, finely tuned fly rod. George’s Tightloop rods are recognised internationally as being amongst the best available, anywhere.

George says:
These rods come from my heart and soul. They are created for the love of beauty and perfection.

George says he is still looking for perfection, but I think he's already found it.


Custom Rods is very privileged to be an agent for Tightloop Handcrafted Fly Rods.  George plans to send us more completed rods soon, details of which we’ll add here and include in our newsletter. 

If you’d like more info on what George can produce or would like to place a custom order simply get in touch