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Eden Cane

Bernard Ramanauskas

eden Cane Fly Rods

Eden Cane Fly Rods are the product of the elusive (almost mythical) rod making genius Bernard Ramanauskas.

Bernard makes his superbly finished, innovative bamboo rods   in periodic production runs, as opposed to building to order. His finished rods are then available through his selected outlets, currently Bearsden in the US and here at Alternativetackle.

Bernard does things differently, and is an exceptionally gifted rod maker. We are privileged and excited to be agents for his rods.

Bernard Ramanauskas - Eden Cane Fly Rods
Eden cane rods are hollow built and node-less. The natural nodes  within the bamboo carefully removed and then the pieces (equally carefully) spliced back together. This makes them more labour intensive than the traditional split cane rods but also lighter and smoother with a quicker recovery.

eden cane

Rods - Available Now

We aim to keep a full set of Eden Cane models available to be purchased from stock and ready for immediate shipping. Please, get in touch… for more information on current stock levels.