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Fly Rods

Stickman Fly Rods are designed and made in Europe and bring the ethos of European fly fishing to the website. These rods are the ultimate example of the innovation and quality that are hallmarks of the best of the modern European rod makers (I’m especially excited by their Nymphing rods!). 

The diverse range of rods offered by Stickman reflect the wide variety of fishing and fishing styles available and practised on mainland Europe.

The current rod range consists of an 8 foot 4 weight rod, 9 foot 5, 6 and 8 weight rods and a 10 foot 2 ins 0 weight Nymph rod. All rods are 4 piece, and more models will be added to the range soon. You can find full details below.

The Stickman Rod Team all know their stuff and are technically, practically and aesthetically very capable and they produce elegant extremely well designed and fishable fly rods.

Stickman rods are made one at a time & are endlessly customisable.  

Stickman say:

“We build rods not rod series! What we do is develop and fine tune every single rod model until we find it perfect for the application we had in mind while designing it. We don’t even try to build rods with exactly the same attributes in different line weights. No game changers here! We like the game as it is. We just build the best possible rods using the best raw materials and components to maximize the performance (and the looks) of the final product. No shortcuts, no cost-effectiveness. We grab and use what we think is the best. All our rods are offered in three different colour and component combinations so you will have the chance to choose one that fits your preferences.”


Rods - Available Now

Stickman rods are made one at a time and are endlessly customisable.  

Alternative Tackle aims to maintain a wide selection of Stickman rods in stock and available for immediate shipping.

If you’d like more info on any of these rods and the available custom options simply get in touch