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Alternative Tackle Fly Rods

Alternative Tackle

How it works


Though Alternative Tackle has experienced many changes since its launch in 2007, the original concept has remained constant: To support independent fly fishing tackle producers and craftspeople and to provide an accessible and visible marketplace for their products. This is how it works:

SUPPORT: Supporting our community of artisans, suppliers and customers is Alternative Tackle’s purpose. Whilst financial viability is necessary, profit is not how we measure our success. We prioritise mutual support,  inclusiveness and communication to build our community. Because our primary concern is support not profit, any profit made is re-invested back into The Collective. This gives us the freedom to do things differently and allows us to offer the best support we can to members of The Collective, our customers and friends.

STOCK: We aim to hold a wide range of stock items. These will be listed on this website and available for immediate purchase this means:

  • Customers are able to purchase custom made tackle without the usual wait for build completion and delivery.
  • Alternative Tackle can support suppliers by placing and paying for orders to maintain stock. This reduces supplier’s reliance on custom orders and provides an additional source of income.

Alternative Tackle has access to resources which bring unique benefits and added value to our community:

  • The Collective. Our Primary and unique resource. The shared experience, skill and knowledge of our suppliers is significant. The result is a collaborative, creative community that can generate truly exciting original ideas and products.
  • Access. As a collective we are able to access and commission materials, supplies and services which might be difficult to find as an individual. This saves costs for suppliers and customers, while increasing production efficiency and creative opportunity.
  • This Website. We constantly monitor and review this website to ensure that we take advantage of the best available e-commerce, security and communication software. The website is built to be intuitive, simple, secure and transparent.  The website also offers cost effective international shipping and payment facilities. The website is not only an efficient virtual shop front but is also designed to build trust and confidence in our customers.

For full details of our legal terms and conditions and guarantees, please see HERE

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