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Yamame Fly Rods

by Nico Vreugdenhil

Nico Vreugdenhil in The Netherlands makes beautiful hand crafted rods, using premium quality fibreglass from established blank manufacturers and also designs his own blanks in a variety of sizes and line weights each carefully designed for a specific purpose. 

His own website at also supplies an excellent and expanding range of high quality fly fishing tackle. He is also the European distributor for a number of prominent blank manufacturers.

Nico has become an important part of the Alternative Tackle Collective and that relationship continues to grow…

Nico (Yamame Fly Rods)

Pure. Black Pearl. Morning Glory. Greedy Soul. Pride. Tiny Devil.


Rods - Available Now

Yamame fly rods are available in a standard range of 6 fly rods built by Nico on blanks of his own design. These are; “The Pure”, “The Black Pearl”, “The Morning Glory”, “The Greedy Soul”, “The Pride”and “The Tiny Devil”. Nico also as produces a number of unique custom built “specials”.

Alternative Tackle will keep a varied stock Nico’s rods, some standard and some specially commissioned “Specials”.

To find out what is currently available, simply get in touch