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Luke Bannister

Split Cane Fly Rods

Luke Bannister Split Cane Fishing Rods are made in Cornwall in the U.K. where Luke makes very modern english bamboo rods, using traditional methods. His rods are hollow built, hand planed and split and are beautifully crafted and finished. Luke is mainly known for the “Superfast” rod series, which are based on legendary english angler Richard Walker’s design principles. These rods have built a growing international following and reputation as high performance, eminently fishable fly rods. Luke also makes superb traditional tapered rods and will build rods to order. Luke posts videos of his fishing exploits on his vimeo page, which provide an insight into the inspiration for his rod building and are a good showcase for his rods. He fishes primarily on his home waters in Cornwall and Devon and on the Wye and Usk Foundation waters in the Welsh/English border country
Luke Bannister

Luke Bannister on the “Superfast” Taper.

“The modern cast has fundamentally changed. It is delivered much more deliberately than in the past. The acceleration to a stop is the modern doctrine. In essence it is a far more efficient casting stroke. When I had realised this I started to look for a taper that would suit the modern casting style. And eventually I found one ( I did not design the original Superfast taper, that taper was developed by my good friend and rod designer Robin Haywood, my input was merely anecdotal.) 

The Superfast taper is an extraordinary piece of design. It is fast and yet it has feel. A stiff rod will feel dead, it will only load when casting a long line and it will give little feed back in the cast and when playing a fish. The Superfast has none of these bad attributes, it will feel familiar to the modern caster who is used to carbon fibre and yet because of the nature of cane, and the brilliance of its design it has far more feel and life.It is I believe unique. It took over 10 years to arrive at this taper. I have built and fished many different rods. Paynes, Dickersons and Garrisons, and even a few more obscure rods like Carlsen & Vengenns, Constables and Walkers.I have tremendous respect and gratitude for the legacy that these men left behind. And feel that the Superfast taper is part of a natural progression of taper design. I doubt that I will improve on it. Though I am still trying…”

I doubt that I will improve on it. Though I am still trying…

Luke Bannister

Rods - Available Now

We aim to keep a set of Superfast traditional taper Leonard rods in stock, plus one other custom rod which will vary depending on what I can persuade Luke to make for me. 

Luke also makes superb fibre glass and graphite rods on blanks of his own design made for him by CTS in New Zealand. We have a selection of these rods available from stock. Full details will appear here soon.

If you’d like more info on what is available from stock, what Luke can produce or would like to place a custom order simply get in touch