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MEGOFF Fly Reels

MEGOFF Fly Reels

Alex Kaplun

Alex Kaplun’s MEGOFF fly reels project is based in Kharkov in the Ukraine. Alex is a graduate of the Kharkov Aviation Institute where he carried out theoretical and practical research into the dynamics of aircraft landing gear systems and was also involved in research for the soviet space shuttle. Alex has also worked in the old soviet aerospace industry involved in the manufacture of the AN-124 (the second largest aircraft ever built). Kharkov was and is a major centre of the aerospace industry and Alex has unrivalled access to aerospace grade materials and technologies.

Most of Alex’s reels are made using titanium and the combination of the inherent qualities of this material and Alex’s engineering expertise means that the larger MEGOFF reels are exceptional saltwater reels. The TR series of titanium trout reels are a beautifully elegant and simple design that will last forever. Alex has worked with Leen Huisman of LH.Design to produce the stunning Highland and Amber Trout and Salmon reels.

Alex’s engineering and design skills are renowned amongst fly reel designers and much sought after. He has collaborated in the design and manufacture of a number of different fly reel projects with a variety of manufacturers and suppliers. With this background and experience, it is no surprise to find that Alex produces fly reels that are superbly engineered and technically brilliant. The fact that they are highly desirable objects and highly practical fishing instruments is an added bonus.


Megoff Fly Reels

Alternativetackle aims to maintain a stock of the TR series reels as well as the Boomerang reels and others from Alex portfolio of designs.

All MEGOFF reel models are also available made to order, with delivery time usually 5-6 months. Alex is also able to design and manufacture unique bespoke fly reels to your own requirements on commission. 

If you’d like to know more, simply get in touch.