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L.H.Design Reels


Titanium Fly Reels

Leen Huisman produces hand made titanium fly reels that are the ultimate marriage of craftsmanship, art and technical expertise. Each reel is entirely handmade and Leen takes his craft seriously and will not allow anything less than perfection to leave his workshop.

Leen is sadly no longer making rods or reels to custom order. He now only makes a few of his own favourite rods and reels and at his own pace.

Commitment to maintaining the highest quality means there are only ever a very few reels available. Finished reels, ready for immediate shipping, will appear on this website and also on the LH Design website.

Alternativetackle is privileged to have access to a limited range of LH Design reels which will be available as stock items. For current availability, please get in touch, or see below.

Leen (LH Design Reels)

Leen Huisman on the L.H.Design Programme

The L.H. Design programme is based on two principles. On the one hand there is the firm belief that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever“, and L.H. Design fly rods and fly reels are trying to prove that saying true. On the other hand, it goes without saying that the functional aspects of the design should certainly not be forgotten.

Every craftsman knows that perfection is always one step away, yet the L.H. Design program is certainly striving for perfection. Now, and in the future, L.H. Design will be a guarantee for balanced design and craftsmanship.


LH Design Fly Reels

Leen and Ella Huisman of LH Design are sadly no longer making rods or reels to custom order. They now only make some of their own favourite rods and reels and at their own pace. When complete these rods and reels will appear on their own website and also on the alternativetackle website and will be available for  immediate shipping.

Leen and Ella have however agreed to supply alternativetackle with a limited range of reels which will be available from stock. These currently include the Lightweight Amber and Highland  reels.

Please get in touch for the latest information on current availablity.