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Kazutomo Ijuin ("Tomo") is the Japanese Rod Master whose glassfibre Ijuin "Yomogi" fly rods have been gaining a well deserved reputation for excellence amongst the custom rod maker and glass rod fraternities. Tomo designs his own glassfibre blanks and has them made for him in Japan using uni-directional E-glass. The unique and beautiful metal work on his reel seats and tubes are produced by his friend Masatoshi Okui of Kineya Tackle and the reel seats are yakusugi (1-2000 year old Japanese cedar) as standard or Camphor wood on the special edition models. Handles are an original design and could be described as a modified ritz, inspired by traditional Japanese candle shapes. Mildrun stripper guides and silk wraps come as standard with Agate strippers and hand dyed (by Tomo) silk wraps on the special edition rods. Yomogi rods are finished a crisp bright green colour, with white spigot ferrules and come with a stunning glass fibre rod tube and best quality rod bag.
These rods were designed for small stream fishing in confined spaces and have a medium- slow crisp parabolic action with a bit of power in reserve. Tomo has thought very carefully about every aspect of this rod's design, function and finish and his attention to detail is extraordinary... the result is a unique and beautiful fly rod.
Tomo also makes bamboo rods and his Ninigi and range of glass rods. Initially will focus on Tomo's Yomogi rods but you can expect to see more about his bamboo rods and glass "Ninigi" and "Azuki" rod ranges here in the near future.
LATEST: Tomo has sent a very special all glass rod that he has called “The Glass SP (special project)” and also 4 Yomogi blanks. Full details “The Glass SP” rod can be found below in the “THE GLASS SP” section below. The Yomogi blanks are been currently made up for and are currently under construction, details are available in the "COMING SOON" section. I am very excited about these rods. Please CONTACT ME if you'd like to know more.

Available Now

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This Fine Tackle Rod for alternativetackle is an Ijuin Fly Rods “Hard Para 7ft. 5ins. 4wt 3 piece fibreglass fly rod.
Here is what Christian has to say about this rod :

“I’m a huge admirer of Japanese rod designer Kazutomo Ijuin. He is one of those guys with a perfect pitch for tapers. This blank first appeared to me via a customer blank project, resulting in an extra order for this amazing blank. Tomo calls it "hard parabolic", and that's what it is! 7'05'', 4wt in relatively thick-walled E-glass, this parabolic blank has a stiff mid and tip, which makes it a highly capable caster, throwing bullet loops with great accuracy. The rod was appointed in Fine Tackle style with blued NS skeleton and a rubber butt cap. The grip is 5.5'' long and has a bark ring at the top to give it all a rough flavor. Dark nickel guides and golden YLI silk wraps. This rod will be offered together with a matching reel designed by my friend Josh Young in Taiwan. The gun blue color is a perfect match to the hardware of this rod.

The rod is truly something special and I have been fighting hard with myself to decide wether to offer it for sale or buy it myself as a demo rod.
I have finally overcome my greed and tackle lust and am now, (reluctantly) making it available to
buy now. If you are interested I would advise you to act fast before I change my mind!
You can buy the rod only or both rod and reel as a set….
CONTACT ME if you have any questions.
Fine Tackle Ijuin Fly Rods “Hard Para” 7ft. 5ins. 4wt 3 piece fibreglass fly rod Price (Rod Only) £400 GBP
(Including shipping.)
Fine Tackle Ijuin Fly Rods “Hard Para 7ft. 5ins. 4wt 3 piece fibreglass fly rod with Gun Blue Approach Genesis Fly reel. Price Rod and Reel Set £550 GBP

Demo Rods

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The following Ijuin Rods Yomogi blanks have been finished for www.alternativetackle:
One Moran Rod Company Yomogi 6ft 6in 3wt 3pc. rod by Calum Gladstone (images to follow).
One Fine Tackle Yomogi 7ft 3in 4wt 3pc rod by Christian Horgren (images above).
I plan to keep these rods as demo. rods and they are available for you to try. If you are interested in finding out more Please CONTACT ME

The Glass S.P.

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Tomo’s very Special Project “The Glass” rod is a 7ft 2-3wt 3 piece rod with agate stripper and lightweight reel seat fittings on an all fibreglass reel seat and with a fibreglass handle and rod tube. Designed for light delicate small stream fishing this rod is a real gem and perfectly showcases Tomo’s design ethos and rod making skills. As yet I’m undecided wether to offer this rod for sale or to make it available as an alternativetackle Demo for those who might be interested in giving it a try…..
Please Note: I’m waiting on images of the alternativetackle “The Glass”, meanwhile you can see images of other examples that Tomo has made, above.
Please CONTACT ME for more information.