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Yamame by Nico Vreugdenhil's new relationship with Yamame fishing tackle by Nico Vreugdenhil in The Netherlands represents an exciting opportunity with great potential for future growth.
Nico makes beautiful hand crafted rods, using premium quality fibreglass from established blank manufacturers and has also designed the blank for his own "The Pure" rod. He has been collaborating with James Green (US), Tom Morgan Rodsmiths (US) and Epic Swift Fly Fishing (NZ), Ijuin Fly Rods (Japan), McFarland Composites (US), and is always on the look out for new, quality blank suppliers.

Here is how Nico describes his build process:
"Cork grips:
All the cork grips I glued and shape it on my lathe with a file and later on with sandpaper from 80 to 1200 to get the perfect grip. I use NO cork filler. The cork rings are top flor grade quality and bought direct from a manufacturer in Portugal.
Reel seats:
Most of the hardware is design and turned by myself, for screw lock I use hardware from Lemke Concepts or Bellinger. All the inserts are made in the shop with the finest and best quality wood.
The snake guides and tiptops I use are from Snake Brand, these are the best and finest. The stripping guides I use are from Golden Witch, Joe Arguello and Mildrum.
I am wrapping with silk from Kimono, Pearsall’s Gossamer and YLI all of theme are from premium quality. Afterwords I finish the rod with epoxy or spar varnish.
Rod tube & rod sock:
I design and sew the rod sock themselves for every rod, the rod tube comes in black or in raw aluminium."

Finished rods available for immediate shipment will be shipped to you directly from Nico's workshop. These rods will be listed below in the "Buy Now" section as they become available.
Nico has very kindly sent a "The Pure" demo rod to, full details are available in the "Demo" section.
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Available Now: Yamame The Pure 7’2’’ 5wt 4 pcs
From Nico's workshop in The Netherlands.
"On this rod I made a my new butt on the hardware what is turned from Brass and bleud, the insert is made of flamed maple wood.The blued nickel stripping guide from Joe Arguello and the blued Snake Brand Universal guides are wrapped with YLI silk Bronze and the Yamame colour tipping with Pearsalls gossamer Olive."
Please CONTACT ME if you have any questions.
Price: The rod has a full price of £515 GBP / $665 USD / €585 euro (plus shipping)
Nico is offering this rod at an introductionary price of £495 / $640 USD / €565 euro (plus shipping) this includes a 406 flyline.
You can also purchase this rod
with a matching Approach reel £615 GBP / $790 USD / €700,00 euro
All Prices include shipping.

"The Pure" Demo Rod

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The images above are of’s Yamame "The Pure" demo rod which should be arriving within the next couple of weeks.
Nico says:
"After a longer period than I would have ever imagined, I am proud to be able to introduce Yamame’s first fly rod. It is a 7’2 5wt 4pcs and it is called ‘The Pure’. I named it ‘The Pure’ because it is:
- Pure parabolic
- Pure craftmanship
- Pure quality
- Pure love for the product
- Pure fun to fish with
The rod has a medium fast action with a great recovery and is full parabolic, a stiffer in the middle and has a softer tip. This rod is highly accurate with dry fly and small nymph. With a less than 23 inch section it is suitable to carry in a backpack. ‘The Pure’ is brown painted e-glass with an orange glow and comes with clear white spigot ferrules. They are rolled by Mike McFarland. To develop this rod I only looked at the best quality and materials to get smooth rod with a perfect look and feel. While developing this rod I choose only the finest materials to create an extraordinary rod which looks elegant.
The rod is made of high quality materials:
-Flor Grade cork grip from Portugal (turned in house)
-Snake Brand Universal Guides
-Custom made reel seat hardware (turned in house)
-High quality insert (turned in house)
-Wrappings with the best silk
-Some green tipping as a Yamame signature
-Custom made rod sock (made in house)
-Aluminium tube

If you are interested in having a closer look when this rod arrives, then please, CONTACT ME.