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Luke Bannister

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Luke Bannister Split Cane Fishing Rods are made in Cornwall in the U.K. where Luke makes very modern english bamboo rods, using traditional methods. His rods are hollow built, hand planed and split and are beautifully crafted and finished. He is mainly known for the "Superfast" rod series, which are based on legendary english angler Richard Walker's design principles. These rods have built a growing international following and reputation as high performance, eminently fishable fly rods. Luke also makes superb traditional tapered rods and will build rods to order. www.alternativetackle,com aims to keep one Superfast 7ft 4wt. and one traditional taper Leonard 6ft 9 ins 4wt rod in stock plus one other rod which will vary depending on what I can persuade Luke to make for me. Please see the Available Now section below for what is currently available and what is coming next...
Luke posts videos of his fishing exploits on his vimeo page, which provide an insight into the inspiration for his rod building and are a good showcase for his rods. He fishes primarily on his home waters in Cornwall and Devon and on the Wye and Usk Foundation waters in the Welsh/English border country.
Luke Bannister on the "Superfast" Taper.
"The modern cast has fundamentally changed. It is delivered much more deliberately than in the past. The acceleration to a stop is the modern doctrine. In essence it is a far more efficient casting stroke. When I had realised this I started to look for a taper that would suit the modern casting style. And eventually I found one ( I did not design the original Superfast taper, that taper was developed by my good friend and rod designer Robin Haywood, my input was merely anecdotal.) The Superfast taper is an extraordinary piece of design. It is fast and yet it has feel. A stiff rod will feel dead, it will only load when casting a long line and it will give little feed back in the cast and when playing a fish. The Superfast has none of these bad attributes, it will feel familiar to the modern caster who is used to carbon fibre and yet because of the nature of cane, and the brilliance of its design it has far more feel and life.It is I believe unique. It took over 10 years to arrive at this taper. I have built and fished many different rods. Paynes, Dickersons and Garrisons, and even a few more obscure rods like Carlsen & Vengenns, Constables and Walkers.I have tremendous respect and gratitude for the legacy that these men left behind. And feel that the Superfast taper is part of a natural progression of taper design. I doubt that I will improve on it. Though I am still trying…"


  • Superfast 6ft. 3wt
  • 8ft 5wt Superfast 3 piece
  • Leonard 6ft 10in 4/5wt.
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Luke Bannister Superfast 6ft. 3wt.
This is a flamed, 2 piece 1 tip. hollow built rod, with pressed nodes and a down locking sliding reel seat over cork. This is not one of Luke's standard range of rods and was made especially for
Price is £925.00
Please CONTACT ME if you'd like to know more. Or click below to Buy Now.
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8ft 5wt Superfast 3 piece rod, hollow built and node less... available to buy now & ready to ship.
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Leonard 6ft 10in 4/5wt. rod, one of Luke’s traditional tapers. A really smooth and easy casting rod, I’d recommend this rod very highly… available to buy now & ready to ship.
Please note: The rod in the video above is not the rod which is offered for sale which is not node less but is otherwise very similar. A new video and/or images of the rod offered will be published here shortly. Please CONTACT ME if you want to know more.


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Superfast Series
7' 4wt "Superfast" The 7ft 4wt is the perfect rod for fishing smaller tributaries and streams. The finished rod weighs about 4oz. The design of the taper means that it will roll cast with ease, and when necessary it will punch a small tight loop into the wind or in under over hanging trees. Because of the subtle nature of cane it can be an incredibly gentle rod, capable of protecting the finest of tippets and landing the softest of casts. As a perfect all around small stream and river rod this is as good a rod as I can make.
8' 5wt "Superfast" This is a rod for bigger streams and rivers 8 feet in length, it gives excellent line control and casting authority. A 5wt has plenty of power, and the subtlety of cane means that it is a pleasure to use. From the Southern English chalk streams to the Eastern Highlands of Norway, and even Chile. It has proven to be the ideal rod for most river fishing. Casting large Mayflies in to the inevitable "summer equal" or even black and bushy flies into the darkness for summer sea trout. It is ideally suited to it all. The length of this rod means that the back cast is kept higher; keeping it clear of the undergrowth, as well as making mending and lifting a longer line easier, giving greater control of the fly
Traditional Series
Luke Bannister on his traditional taper rods.
"There are many superb traditional tapers out there. Over the years I have had the pleasure of making and fishing  some of them. Paynes, Dickersons, Garrisons and more obscure rods like Carlsen & Vangens, Constables and Walkers.These traditional tapers are at their best casting dry flies and unweighted nymphs. Below are few of my favourite traditional tapers:
Garrsion 201. 7ft 3/4wt. A beautiful casting small stream that has tremendous feel.
Payne 101. 7ft 6in 5wt. The classic fast traditional taper rod a very good “general purpose” cane rod.
Leonard 6ft 10in 4/5wt. The best of the bunch, a lovely example of how good a traditional taper can be."

All 2 piece rods are £925 Three piece rods or a 2 piece rod with and extra tip is £1250 Three piece rod with and extra tip is £1575 Rods come in a cotton rod bag and an aluminium rod tube.
Leather tube’s are available for an additional £185
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How to place a custom order:
Please Contact me to discuss your custom order options and details. I will then let you know what the final price will be, how long it will take to be delivered and when payment will be due.
When you are ready to pay, you can do so by electronic bank transfer, PayPal, cheque, telephone to pay by credit card, or pay online using the secure shopping cart. If you choose to pay online please enter the agreed price in the box below and follow the cart’s instructions to complete your payment as usual. I will keep you updated on your order's progress until it is delivered to your door.