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Vince Huttley is very excited to introduce Vince Huttley’s custom made fly rods and fly reels. Vince is a new and talented Australian craftsman, who produces beautifully made and designed fly rods and fly reels. His work has started to attract a lot of attention and deserves to be recognised more widely. Huttley rods and reels have not been available commercially before and so I am very pleased that Vince has agreed to let me help make them more accessible.
Below is an edited version of an interview Vince did for the excellent blog site
“Tippets and Tales” and is published here with their permission. The full interview is available HERE.

“Tell me a little about yourself…. Where are you from?
Vince Huttley is my name, will answer to pretty much anything though... Reside in tropical Townsville North QLD Australia.

Do you make your living in the fishing/fly fishing industry? If not, what’s your 9-5?
The daily grind, I'm a fitter and turner by trade. I help run a machine/fab shop, which keeps me busy. Quoting, planning, drafting, keeping the apprentices attitudes under control etc, etc. Rod/reel building is something I started as a project for myself, but it's slowly progressing into something more. But I will stress that I'm keeping tight reigns on it as I'm extremely fussy on quality and I won't release any of my work until I know its going to last a lifetime of use. So basically once I'm happy with it, I will start selling more gear.

What got you in to fishing? When did you start fly fishing?
Fishing has always been a big part the family, ever since I was able to walk Dad would take me on trips hunting and fishing. But the fly is something I picked up on my own. Mostly due to a TV show that aired here in Australia called " A River Somewhere" in the late 90's and the saltwater scene that was kicking on pretty hard. My parents bought me a 10wt graphite set up for my 10/11th birthday plus a how to VHS with a few saltwater flies. I cast the shit out of that rod for years! Every once in a while I'd fluke a fish but I just loved bagging out loops. Fishing took a back seat for a few years when I started work, in-between wake boarding, partying and girls or lack of - the fish had to wait. Back into it now for several years and I try to get out to the reef whenever the weather is good for some spearing and bottom bashing. But I definitely need to spend more time with with my Epic 990 out there. An hours drive up the range I have a few good spots chasing sooty grunter on foam hoppers and cicadas with the three and four weights. Plenty of variety here from freshwater, estuaries, saltwater flats, reefs and good blue water to throw in the mix, the closest trout stream is about 1000 miles south though.

I know we’ve talked about your reels before, but what inspired you to get in to reel making?
The exact same reason I started building rods - always had a thing for classic designs, plus we had a holiday booked to Canada and California, plus I had the time to whip up a few glass rods and reels to take with me. The gear worked and got solid feedback from the online community. After building the first few it seemed quite feasible to continue building more so I just kept running with it.

How many different reel designs have you created?
As for designs I have 2 different completed reels in use now, a Hardy Perfect inspiration and a Can style of my own design. On paper and in my head I have a drag system that I've been working on that I hope I can scale and fit to pretty much any shape reel I want to make. I've been putting an immense amount of effort into keeping it an original design but still keep it simple - less moving parts, less to go wrong. Once I settle with the design I hope to introduce some heavy hitter saltwater reels.

The first Huttley rods and reels should be available within the next few weeks. You can get some idea of the reels that are coming below. More information on Vince’s Rods is available on his Huttley Fly Reels page. Please CONTACT ME if you'd like to know more.

Coming Soon

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The first Huttley fly reel has now arrived. This is one of Vince’s bench made 3 inch “Perfect” fly reels and has come with a Kabuto 663 Huttley fly rod. At the moment Vince is planning on sending 3 reels altogether along with this Kabuto 663 rod and two Epic 805 rods to match. These rods will be used as www.alternativetackle demo rods.
As soon as they arrive full details, along with more images and hopefully a video will be published here, on the Facebook page and in a NEWSLETTER. Please CONTACT ME for more information